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What Steps Should You Take Immediately Following a DUI Arrest to Protect Your Rights?

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I’ve Been Arrested for A DUI in Alabama; What Should I Do?

If you’re arrested for a DUI in Alabama, it can be a horrific experience and have life-changing consequences for you and your family. At the scene, you’ll face questions from the police, and you must know how to protect your rights and freedom.

An Alabama DUI can result in jail time, probation, license suspension, and high fines. It can also harm your career and negatively impact your relationships, etc.

AL Code §32-5A-191 details clearly who and why you can be charged for a DUI. For example, if you are driving a car, if you are under the influence of alcohol, and your blood alcohol level is more than 0.08%, you can be charged and arrested for DUI.

This charge can be exacerbated further if you are under the influence of both alcohol and controlled or illegal substances.

The most critical thing to remember is that you should never allow your fate to be in the sole hands of the Alabama courts. You must fight to uphold your rights and freedom and always take the following steps:

  • Always obtain professional help immediately – Alabama’s DUI laws are legally complex, and the punishments are too harsh even to consider not using an experienced DUI lawyer. Any lawyer can help you in court, but a professional, knowledgeable DUI lawyer specializing in DUI cases has a significantly higher chance of getting you a better outcome.
  • Immediately (after speaking with your lawyer) obtain bail – You may be released without bail. However, if mitigating circumstances are involved (such as this is not your first DUI), posting bail is often required. A bondsman requires an upfront fee, but this fee will be far less expensive than posting the entire bail amount.

When you are released, you must meet with your DUI lawyer immediately. They can request a DMV hearing and negotiate for you to be provided with a temporary license.

The rules and regulations surrounding this license are crucial. You usually have ten days (including holidays and weekends) to request a formal DMV hearing. If you do not do so, your license will be suspended. The DMV hearing will determine if you’ll be allowed to keep your license, and, in this matter, your DUI lawyer’s negotiating skills and experience will prove invaluable.

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid If I’m Arrested for a DUI?

Being arrested for DUI will be stressful and confusing, but remember that the case against you begins immediately, and you don’t want to make mistakes that can hurt your case.

Most people’s mistakes stem from a lack of understanding about the charges or a lack of professional legal representation.

Some examples of the most common mistakes drivers make after their DUI arrest are;

  • Admitting your guilt or speaking too much to the police – Admitting guilt and incriminating statements will be used against you in court. This is direct evidence that is incredibly hard to counteract.

If you admit guilt or say too much, you will create a solid case against you. You have the right to remain silent and use that right.  

  • A DUI charge is serious, and you must treat it as such – In Alabama, you must never underestimate a DUI charge’s severity. These charges can have significant and severe long-term impacts on your life, career, and your family. Most significantly, you may obtain inadequate legal representation and impose years of damage on your life by failing to take these charges seriously.

The most common and avoidable mistake is neglecting to hire a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable DUI lawyer. Without professional help, you risk misunderstanding or underestimating your charges, missing court dates, and failing to note apparent defenses. Hiring a long-standing and knowledgeable DUI lawyer is critical to upholding rights and making informed and well-thought-out decisions.

What Are Some Possible DUI Defenses My Lawyer May Use?

When you’re charged with drunk driving (DUI), many people believe there is no viable defense available; this is simply not true.

Of course, each case differs and depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your unique case. Practically, though, with the help of a skilled and well-versed DUI lawyer, there are defenses that often can reduce or even dismiss your charges altogether.

Some of the most common defenses are:

  • Your breath alcohol test was inaccurate Breathalyzer tests measure the blood alcohol level in your blood. This is an indirect field measurement of your blood alcohol level, often resulting in an erroneous reading.
  • You were stopped illegally – Remember that you cannot be stopped unless the police have reasonable cause. Your lawyer will look into this closely, and if no cause is apparent, your case may be dismissed.

These are only a few of the myriad reasons your thorough DUI lawyer may find to have your DUI case mitigated downward or dropped.

It’s My First DUI Offense, So How Bad Can It Be?

The simple answer is it can be horrible, and you could face jail time.

Even if it’s your first Alabama DUI charge and conviction, you can get up to 1 Year in Jail or pay fines of $600 to $2,100 and possibly more.

In addition, if the case is bad enough, you must install an ignition interlock on your vehicle.

This could occur if;

  • You refuse to take the field Breathalyzer Test after being arrested for a DUI,
  • Or you’re convicted for an Alabama DUI with a Breathalyzer test of .15 or higher,
  • Or you caused an accident that injured others,
  • Or, you were convicted of DUI and had a child under 14 in the vehicle.

So, the prudent and wise move is never to take a DUI charge lightly and immediately retain the best, most skilled DUI legal representation possible.

I’ve Been Charged With DUI in Alabama; How Should I Proceed?

Always note that any DUI charge in Alabama can cause you and your family extreme stress and financial harm and negatively disrupt all your lives. Even if it’s your first offense, never take a DUI charge lightly; you almost certainly will regret it.

Jim Golden Law has passionately and successfully defended DUI clients and is uniquely qualified, knowledgeable, and thorough at defending your and your family’s rights.

Call Jim today at (866) 950-6652 and get a full consultation on your unique case. Don’t hesitate; your driving privileges, rights, and freedom may depend on it.

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