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Child Support Lawyer in Alabama

Providing Valuable Legal Guidance to Parents Seeking Child Support Following an Alabama Divorce or Separation

Are you involved in a divorce, or are you separating from your partner? If you have children together, then matters like child custody and child support are likely to be at the forefront of your mind right now. Child support, at its core, is meant to serve the best interests of the child in every possible way.

For the parent that must pay child support, please try not to think of child support payments as a punishment. As the custodial parent provides housing, transportation, and other important things to their minor children, they must pay costly expenses to do so. Child support is a way of sharing that commitment to your children. Your child support obligation is not voluntary; it is necessary to help raise your child to the standards at which they deserve.

Child support attorney Jim Golden has years of experience representing clients in complicated child support cases. Whatever stage of the child support process you are in, Jim Golden Law can provide valuable legal representation to help you move towards the most optimal outcome for your case.
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What Are the Alabama Child Support Guidelines?

Alabama child support guidelines provide the standards of child support by considering the best interests of the children, the existing child custody arrangements, spousal support, and the ability of either parent to pay necessary finances. Alabama’s child support guidelines are based on the ‘income shares model.’ This model is based on the concept that the children of a divorce should receive the same proportion of parental income and support that they would have received had their parents remained together. For example, in an intact household, both parents’ incomes are pooled together and spent to the benefit of all household members, including the children. Most states use the income shares model for child support agreements.
Other important factors of the Alabama child support law are the following:

  • A family law court has the authority to deviate from the child support guidelines and certain Alabama rules if they see fit.
  • Both parents are responsible for supporting their children via financial support and other means.

Child support is calculated by adding the basic child support obligation plus health insurance costs plus work-related childcare costs. This total is then divided between the parents in proportion to their adjusted gross income. Each parent’s legal obligation is then calculated by multiplying the total child support with each parent’s percentage share of their combined gross income.

What Factors Go into Determining Child Support Payments?

Each jurisdiction has certain factors that a family law court may prioritize or take into consideration that a different jurisdiction does not.
Some of the most common factors for determining child support in Alabama include:

  • A child’s special needs, if any.
  • Each parent’s gross income.
  • Necessary childcare expenses for working parents.
  • The child’s health care costs.
  • The number of children that each parent is obligated to support and raise.
  • The parenting time, visitation rights, child custody arrangement, and parenting plan in relation to both parents.

Whether either parent is voluntarily unemployed.
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Is it Possible to Modify Child Support Orders?

Child support modifications are possible, depending upon certain criteria being met. To ensure that you qualify to modify a child support order, please contact our law firm to discuss your child support case.

  • A significant change in circumstances that may be considered for a child support modification include:
  • A change in parenting time or child custody.
  • Change in the needs of the child as they grow older.
  • Job loss for the non-custodial parent.
  • Loss of health insurance.
  • Loss of income.
  • New reports of domestic violence.
  • The child receiving child support turned 19 years old.
  • The custodial parent enters a new domestic relationship or marriage.
  • The custodial parent moved away, therefore increasing the cost of travel for the non-custodial parent.
  • The paying parent got a promotion or new job that comes with a substantial increase in pay.

What Happens if You Do Not Meet Your Child Support Obligations?

When a parent does not meet their obligation to pay child support to the other parent, there can be serious consequences. An experienced child support lawyer can help you pursue past due child support payments or provide legal representation to parents who are behind on their payments.
Even if there are reasonable grounds for child support modifications, and even if the other parent agrees to these modifications, you cannot simply stop your child support payments. Changes in circumstances must be reported to the courts before you are approved to reduce your child support payments. If you do not meet your basic child support obligations, you could face costly penalties and the potential for jail time.

Do You Need the Legal Representation of Child Support Lawyers in Alabama?

While you are not legally required to retain legal counsel for child support issues, it is nonetheless highly recommended. This is especially so if the other side of the legal matter has elected to hire Alabama child support attorneys of their own. You do not want to enter child support negotiations unrepresented and unprepared.
Jim Golden Law has extensive experience representing child support cases in Alabama. We would be proud to represent your interests in these matters so that you and your children are treated fairly in the child support court process.

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One parent should not bear the entire financial burden, not when the other parent still has the responsibility to help raise their children. Finding the right lawyer for your child support matter is the first step toward winning your case. Jim Golden Law understands the rights and responsibilities of parents in child custody cases, and we would be proud to help you in these complex and highly emotional legal matters.

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