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If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you probably feel scared and worried about the future. A criminal conviction can leave you with a permanent record that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

A felony conviction can make it difficult to obtain gainful employment, especially in the medical field, education, or childcare. Additionally, an individual with a criminal record may have trouble finding suitable housing, serving in the military, being able to vote, or attending the higher learning institution of their choice.

However, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can build a robust legal defense on your behalf and work with the prosecution to potentially have your charges reduced or dismissed.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney who will fight for your legal rights and help you protect your freedom. Contact Jim Golden Law and ask to schedule a meeting with a qualified member of our legal team who can answer your questions and explain your legal options.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you must hire an attorney immediately. One of the most significant aspects of hiring a criminal attorney is they can provide legal advice that can potentially help you avoid jail or prison time. Even a misdemeanor conviction can cause you to have problems obtaining employment, qualifying for other government programs or affect your ability to legally own a firearm.

The Alabama criminal justice system can be overly complex and almost impossible to navigate without some form of legal training. However, Alabama criminal lawyers understand criminal law and will act as your legal advocate on your case from start to finish.

Additionally, a criminal defense attorney will ensure that your legal rights are protected. Often police and prosecutors can be overzealous. A knowledgeable attorney can review your case and, based on the evidence, ask that the charges be reduced or dismissed.

Many individuals also wonder if a public defender is a better option than paying for a criminal lawyer. However, you must meet specific financial eligibility requirements to have a public defender assigned to you.

Therefore, having a well-trained criminal defense attorney represent you could make the difference between being convicted of a federal crime or completing probation or community service.

Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney If I Have Been Charged With A Misdemeanor?

Defendants who have been charged with misdemeanors often think they do not need an attorney. While it is true that misdemeanors are considered to be less serious than felonies, a misdemeanor conviction can still lead to time in jail and a criminal record.

Some of the criminal penalties for Alabama misdemeanors include:

  • Class A misdemeanor: A sentence of up to one year in the county jail or hard labor for the county and a fine ranging up to $6,000.
  • Class B misdemeanor: A sentence of up to 6 months in county jail or hard labor and a fine ranging up to $3,000.
  • Class C misdemeanor: A sentence of up to three months in the county jail or hard labor and a fine ranging up to $500.

For defendants convicted of a violation, which is the lowest possible offense under Alabama law, they may be incarcerated in the county jail for up to 30 days and a fine ranging up to $200.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, it is always in your best interest to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. A well-trained attorney can review the case and negotiate with the prosecutor to potentially have your charges reduced. In some criminal defense cases, your attorney can point out weaknesses in the case to the prosecution and ask that your case be dismissed.

Contact Jim Golden Law to learn more information about how we can protect your rights and future.

What Is The Difference Between State And Federal Criminal Charges?

In terms of criminal law, people hear the terms state and federal charges being frequently used. However, it may be confusing to understand the difference between the two. Some of the most apparent differences include which agencies investigate, where the case is tried, and, if convicted, where the criminal defendant may be required to serve their time.

If law enforcement authorities have determined the crime meets the standards of a federal courts case, it will be investigated by government agencies, including the FBI or DEA. This type of case is prosecuted in federal court. A federal court judge will preside at the hearing and impose sentencing if the defendant is found guilty.

Conversely, state charges are investigated and handled by local law enforcement agencies and heard in state court. As a result, most individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses will end up having their charges decided in state courts.

Although the stakes are generally higher in federal cases, depending on the case, state charges can also land an individual in jail or prison if they do not have a strong defense lawyer on their side at either state and federal courts.

If you are facing state charges and need an attorney who can build a strong defense case on your behalf, contact Jim Golden Law immediately to learn more information about how we may be able to help you.

Will My Alabama Criminal Case Have To Go To Trial?

One of the most common questions many of our clients ask is whether or not their criminal case will have to go to trial. The thought of appearing in court in front of a judge and jury can be very frightening and intimidating.

While Alabama has stringent sentencing guidelines regarding criminal charges, the state also offers many pretrial diversion programs. Some of the most common involve:

These programs are designed to help offenders avoid conviction if they successfully complete the terms and conditions associated with them. However, there is no guarantee that first-time offenders or others will be granted entry into the program.

If you would like to try to be accepted into a pretrial diversion program, it pays to have a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side. Depending on whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements, Jim Golden Law can potentially negotiate with the prosecution to try and have you admitted into one of the pretrial diversion programs and avoid a conviction.

If you complete the program, the case will not be brought to trial, and there will not be a conviction. However, if the defendant fails to complete the program, they face a criminal conviction and whatever sentence is associated with their federal crimes.

Nevertheless, our experienced criminal defense attorney is prepared to take your case to court if the prosecution is unwilling to negotiate. Jim Golden is an experienced attorney and has extensive experience handling defense cases and has spent significant time in the courtroom, and is not afraid to argue a case in front of a judge and jury.

Our law firm is passionately committed to assisting our clients in obtaining favorable resolutions to their legal problems and will work hard to build a strong defense case on your behalf.

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Jim Golden Law is an Alabama law firm dedicated to protecting our client’s legal rights and providing them with a strong legal defense. If we agree to take your case, our Alabama attorneys will immediately get to work and begin crafting a legal strategy based on the circumstances that surround your case.

Our first priority is to ensure that all evidence is preserved. Unfortunately, often video evidence is only available for a short period of time and cannot be recovered. Therefore, we will seek to obtain all evidence relevant to your defense.

Additionally, our law firm has the financial resources to thoroughly investigate your case. Our highly trained legal team will review all witness testimony, and police reports to find any discrepancies or weak spots in the case.

Our law firm realizes that good people can make poor decisions that cause them to come into contact with the Alabama criminal justice system. However, we firmly believe everyone deserves a second chance, and we will fight to ensure that our clients are treated fairly.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact our law office immediately and ask to schedule a free initial consultation with our highly experienced criminal lawyer with a proven track record. We can provide you with a free case review and help you understand what legal options may be available.

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