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Child Custody in Alabama: Types, Factors, Creating a Parenting Plan

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What Types of Child Custody Arrangements are Available to Me in Alabama?

Once the painful decision to divorce has been reached, parents’ immediate concerns are naturally for their children and what will happen to them. While it is a stressful time for everyone involved, Jim Golden Law recognizes and values how important it is for your children to be allowed to spend as much quality time as possible with both parents. We are passionate about providing quality legal services to meet your family’s needs.

The five types of custody arrangements available in Alabama include:

  • Joint legal custody- parents maintain equal rights to make meaningful choices about the children’s schooling, healthcare, and other significant decisions about upbringing.
  • Joint physical custody- Both parents spend a significant, if not entirely equal amount of time with the children. This ensures that both parents maintain a strong bond with the children despite the divorce.
  • Joint custody- Both parents maintain communal legal and physical custody rights.
  • Sole legal custody- Only one parent is granted the right to make crucial decisions for the children
  • Sole physical custody- Only one parent retains physical custody of the children, while the other parent spends time with them during their scheduled vacation time.

Every family is unique, and each family has its journey. Divorce does not change that. Jim Golden will work tirelessly to help your family achieve the most appropriate custody arrangement for your situation. Call 866-950-6652 for a free consultation.

What Factors are Considered in Custody Arrangements?

In Alabama, the courts consider many factors in child custody orders. Generally, courts prefer custody arrangements in which the parents are willing to work together in the best interest of their children despite any hostility between the two divorcing parties.

As often as possible, the courts consider the children’s wishes in child custody cases. The judge will consider the children’s ages, maturity, and judgment when factoring these preferences into custody arrangements.

Can a Guardian Ad Litem be Hired to Represent my Child?

Some states allow a Guardian Ad Litem to be hired to represent the children’s rights in custody cases. Alabama does not have the statutory authority to appoint such a guardian. However, Jim Golden Law will advocate for the rights of the entire family and the best possible outcome for all. We get results.

How Do We Create A Fair Parenting Plan in Alabama?

There are seven essential components to a successful parenting plan. Until a formal plan is adopted and agreed upon through the court, parents should strive to create a provisional plan so that their children are cared for and their needs are appropriately met. The seven parts are:

  • General Custody arrangement
  • Who will make the day-to-day emergency decisions regarding the children’s welfare
  • Time-sharing
  • Additional visitation
  • Information sharing- how will communication regarding school events and other important information be shared between the two parties to limit conflict as much as possible.
  • Transportation- Particularly, who is responsible for transporting children between visits from each parent and to and from various extracurricular activities.
  • There may be other aspects about child support, relocation, and jurisdiction of the agreement depending upon how long it is in place and whether or not it is formalized.

No matter your domestic situation, if you are facing a divorce, have been abandoned by your spouse, and need help arranging custody, contact Jim Golden Law, and we will protect your rights and get results. Call 866-950-6652 for a free consultation.

Every family is unique, and even in divorce cases, they want all their needs addressed with calmness and clarity. Ultimately, the best interests of your children are served when solutions can be found as quickly as possible. The family law team at Jim Golden Law is dedicated to ensuring that you stay informed of what is happening with your case at all points in the process. We protect your rights. We get the results you deserve. Call Jim Golden Law at 866-950-6652 for a free consultation.

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